Thursday, November 25, 2010

Coin Problem 6 Solution

This is the coin problem 6 solution which read "a stack of pennies and dimes has a total value of $2.31. how many dimes are in the stack if there are twice as many dimes as pennies?"

make $2.31 into cents so 231 cents .. a dime is worth 10x and penny is worth x.  So if you had 1 dime and 1 penny you would have 10(1) or 10 cents plus 1(1) or 1 cent which is 11 cents.  Were trying to have it add up to 231 cents though and there are twice as many dimes 2(10x) or 20x as pennies.  

So we have 20x + x = 231

21x = 231

x = 11  So there are 11 penny's or 11 cents and 22 dimes or 220 cents .. 220 cents plus 11 cents equals 231 cents or $2.31.

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