Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lever Problem 3 Solution

1st piece of information that's important in the Algebra lever problem is that the teeter totter was 12 feet long and the balance point was directly in the middle(which most teeter totter's are). So each side is 6 feet. This means if Bob and Susan sat on opposite ends then they were 6 feet from the fulcrum. They weigh 70 and 50 lbs respectively. On the same side as Susan 5 feet away from the center 40 lb Chrissy sat. So we got the weights and distances for everyone but Steve who weighs 35 lbs but is an unknown (x) distance from the center on the same side as Bob.

As we said before the distance times the weight of one side has to equal the other. In this case since there's more than 1 person on each side we add the respective weights and distance and set them equal to one another...

This side:

Susan = 50(6)
Chrissy = 40(5)

is equal to this side:

Bob = 70(6)
Steve = 35(x)

300 + 200 = 420 + 35x
500 = 420 + 35x

80 = 35x
x = 80/35
2 & 10/35 feet or 80/35 from the center is where Steve is located on the same side as Bob.

Just to check 500 = 420 + 35(80/35) = 420 + 80 == correct

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