Saturday, December 3, 2011

Finance Problem 4 Solution

This is the solution to the Algebra finance word problem a anonymous user asked, "An administrative assistant orders cellular phones for people in her department. The brand A phones cost $89.95 and the brand b phones $34.95.If she ordered 3 times as many brand b phones as brand a phones at a total cost of $584.40, how many of each did she order?"

Ok to make things easier lets make it cents.  Just remember to divide by 100 when done to get the answer in dollars and cents...

So brand A is 8995 and b  is 3495  which had 3 times as many sold as a and all the combinations of phones totalled  58440.

So 8995x + 3495(3x) = 58440

8995x + 10485x = 58440

19480x = 58440

x = 3   So there were 3 brand A's and 3(3) = 9 brand B's sold.

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  1. thanks this was soo helpful please keep up the good work!


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