Sunday, January 10, 2010

Time and Distance Problem 11 Solution

This is the answer to the algebra time and distance word problem #11 which was asked by another anonymous user on the "Algebra Word Problem Questions" post. The question read:

"Alexis left Miami and drove at a speed of 20 kph. Thomas left 3 hours later, from the same point, and drove at a speed of 30 kph. How long will it take Thomas to catch up to Alexis?"

Ok non-algebraically the easiest way to figure this one out is to figure how far kilometers Alexis has gone before Thomas even leaves. Since Thomas left 3 hours later and Alexis drove 20 kph then Alexis has gone 20(3) or 60 k or kilometers. Thomas is going faster but how much faster than Alexis? (30 - 20)kmh = 10 So, the question is if he's creeping up at 10 kmh how long would it take him to go the distance that Alexis is ahead which we figured out to be 60 kilometers. Well at 10 kph it would take 6 hours to to 60 k... 60 k / 10 kph = 6 h

For the algebra way you just set up the equation where you have :

20(3 + x) = 30x --> the time is x + 3 because she had a 3 hour head start

then you have 60 + 20x = 30x

60 = `10x

x = 60/10 = 6 --> 6 hours

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