Sunday, August 2, 2009

Age Problem 4 Solution

This is the solution to the algebra age problem # 4... "A man is 27 years older than his son and 10 years from now, he will be twice as old as his son. how old is each now?"

Let x = the son and x + 27 = the man(father)

in 10 years the son will be x + 10 and the father x + 27 + 10 or x + 37 years old. So if he will be twice as old as his son then "twice" the sons age then will "equal" each other.

So, 2(x+10) = x + 37
multiply by 2 on the left side

2x + 20 = x + 37

x = 17 This makes sense since 10 + 17 = 27 and 17 + 37 = 54 which is twice the sons age 10 years from now. So the son is 17 and the father is 17 + 27 or 44 years old.


  1. glad you liked it! Spread the word -- lol

  2. i need help on a crazy type of word problem. HELP ME!! im stuck with out an efficient way of solving it.
    Jim can fill a pool carrying buckets of water in 30 minutes. Sue can do the same job in 45 minutes. Tony can do the same job in 1 ½ hours. How quickly can all three fill the pool together?

  3. Ok I submitted the problem and answer on here go to the main page

  4. Pol is 10 years younger than greg. In 7 years, he will be 10 years more than one halfas old as greg. Find their age at present. help me solve it.

  5. Ok I will help you but for future reference would you mind posting this on the problem side under where you post questions. Thanks. I will post this as a new problem on the problem side here soon.

  6. i solved it before i looked at the solution.
    my answer for the kid is 9 and 36 for the father.

    in present time their age is

    F = S + 27

    and for the future

    F + 10 = 2S + 10

    using matrix or determinance u will get

    the age of 9 for his son and 36 for his father.

    REMEMBER THE NOTE THAT THE ''he(the father) will be twice as old as his son.

    9 x 2 = 18

    36/2 = 18

    ^^, hope i helped you confuse your mind lol XDD

  7. The answer in work problem is 15mins.

  8. Pol is 10 years younger than greg. In 7 years, he will be 10 years more than one halfas old as greg. Find their age at present. help me solve it.\]

    this the answer and the solution.

    It will become P=G-10 and P-1/2G=3
    substitute the P and it will become
    G-10-1/2G=3 (You should make the fraction into decimal and it will become 0.5G)

    G-10-0.5G=3 transpose the same variable
    since we will minus 0.5 from 1 it will become 0.5 so it will become 0.5G=13 now you should make the 0.5 to 1 because we can't divide it so we should times the both side to 0.2 so it will become G=26 <<<<< this is for Greg and we should get the age of Pol. Just substitute it to the equation

    so P=16 and G=26
    sorry for my wrong grammars because Im a Pilipino and I'm only 8th grader hope you understand my ans.

  9. for table method.

    present future
    man 27+x 27+x+10
    Son x 2(x+10)

    27+x+10 = 2(x+10)
    37+x = 2x+20
    37-20 = 2x-x
    x= 17
    therefore the present age of son now is 17. then the present age of a father is 27+17=44

  10. i have this computations:

    Man=27+son's age --->27+x

    In 10 yrs:

    27+x+10=2(x+10)(twice the son's age in 10 yrs)
    x=17; age of the Son

    SOn= 17 yo now
    if the Present age of the Man is 27+Son

  11. r told s, i was 10 years older than you are now, when you were born. My present age is 50 yrs . Find s's present age ??


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